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Shagya-Araber Basyl - cross country in Kreuth - Semptember 2006
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Besucher des Shagya-Arabers Basyl


Basyl owes his existance to a short 4-day stay of Bahadur at Shagya-Araber stud farm Mühlen. During this time he served three mares, all of which conceived - 11  month later Basyl was born.


Shagya-Araber Basyl  Juni 2000

faol - age

Basyl spent his first year with his sister in  Shagya-Arab stud Mühlen Tjara (Bahadur x Tarka von Artaxerxes). He was very eager to learn, good-natured and sociable.


Shagya-Araber Basyl April 2000


He spent his first winter together with two young fillies in a large open stable in a good-sized pasture. Thus they could let off steam at leisure; all three together taking unbridled gallops in the large snow-covered expanses.


Stall und Auslauf im Shagya-Araber Gestüt Mühlen
Tjara und Basyl Januar 2001

Yearling - 2001

Shortly after having turned one year old, Basyl became so virile that it was necessary to integrate him into a herd of young colts, in order that he could take part in colt play. He joined a group of  Trakehener yearling colts and took control of them immediately, despite the hostile environment: He was  more agile and more relaxed than his taller and more senior stable mates


Shagya-Araber Basyl April 2000
Shagya-Araber Basyl Juni 2001

At the age of two years - 2002

During autumn 2001, he went back to the stud-farm Mühlen in order over winter once again in an open stable with access to the pasture. He had a three-year old Holsteiner colt as playmate, while the shagya-arabian gelding, Gamar served as protector and tutor.

Shagya-Araber Hengst Basyl Mai 2002

At the age of three years - 2003

Arabian part-bred, Ben Dadu. Ben Dadu is the half-brother of Basyl (by Bahadur) and the two spent many hours in the pasture, frolicking, running wild and standing erect.  It was a real pleasure to spend time watching the two of them playing together.


Shagya-Araber Basyl + Partbred-Shagya Ben Badu Januar 2003

During this time, Basyl was familiarised with the snaffle-bridle, the leading-rein and the saddle and working cooperatively and with pleasure. He learns very quickly and reacts well to all signals. In free jumping, he is very skilful and athletic – a true «Holsteiner» - Shagya!

Shagya-Araber Hengst Basyl Januar 2003

In March 2003, Basyl was certified as a stallion by the ZSAA. During the sumer eleven  brood mares visited him, among which 10 concieved by the first covering. We introduce Basyls offspring on his foals site to you.

Basyl Wesenstest 31. August 2003

During the characteristic features test, which took place during the ZSAA inspection program, given at Mühlen, Basyl showed his coolness and his self-control in a series of trials devised to test his reaction to visual and audible distractions.

Shagya-Araber Hengst Basyl im August 2003
In October 2003 Basyl was shown in Aachen during  VZAP stallion inspection and was accepted by VZAP for breeding, too. His education was continued: without any problems he accepted our son Tibor on his back. As he is always unafraid and calm he works good with his teacher.   Basyl September 2003

At age of four years - 2004

In 2004 seven  foals by  Basyl were born:

  • Barnas from Thegla by Bazar
  • Bendix from Shakamee by Kamar
  • filly from Sifonie L by Sulayman
  • Karissma from Koheilicja by Koheilan II
  • Balance from Dandrah Dei Gratia by Herold
  • Beryll from Noel Dei Gratia by Herold
  • filly from Santana by Pegasus III
Shagya-Araber Hengstfohlen Beryll  von Basyl
Shagya-Araberhengstfohlen Balance von Basyl
In summertime 2004 we started riding Basyl and he took part at some horseshows and competitions. You may watch some pictures of those events at his Foto-Album´.

He also covered seven broodmares, the results of this action you will find at his foals-page

Abprobieren der rossigen Shagya-Araber Stute Tarka von Artaxerxes

At age of five years - 2005

This year startet in Alsfeld with ZSAA Young Horses Presentation. He showed an extraordinary free jumping. His rider was ill and could not take part - sorry.

Basyl  - Eignungsprüfung in Süsel 30. April 2005
At  30th April in Süsel he took part at a young horse competition with cross country test. He was looking around to all the other horses and didn't concentrate to his rider, which gave some faults during dressage competition. But he did a good jumping test and an excellent cross country. Therefore he was ranked at 9th place within 32 paricipants. Shagya-Araber Deckhengst Basyl - Eignung mit Geländeanteil - 30. April 2005
At 14th April he started for the first time in a complete eventing competion Kl. A in Westensee. This time he also had some difficulties with concetration in dressage and jumping. Stilspringprüfung Kl. A Westensee 14. Mai 2005 - Shagya-Araber Basyl
But in the cross country test he showed his qualities in jumping and cantering. The country is quite hilly and the fences were difficult. He finished his first cross country test with a score of 7,5 at the 9th rank out of 40 participants.

Back home he cantered some times around his pasture like he wanted to say: now I'm just warmed up after three competition on oen day!


Basyl - Geländeritt Westensee 14. Mai 2005

2006 - at age of 6 years

Shagya-Araber stallion Basyl - successfull at eventing in 2006
Basyl took part at a number of eventing competions at level A and L. He often got good rankings, to mention a 3rd place at the difficult competition in Suesel or a second place at a cross country competion in Kreuth at Level L. In this combined competition he got the best result of all participants. Shagya-Araber stallion Basyl at cross country competition in Suesel July 2006 - 3 place
His last horse show in Germany -  he took part at Schleswig-Holstein Championship. He was the one for cross-country and he did a good job with team-dressage. At the final marching up with 25 teams and more than 200 horses he carried the standard of Ingas riding club. Shagya-Araber stallion Basyl - Schleswig-Holstein Championship of Riding teams - 3rd place - Basyl carries the standard of the club
In November 2006 he left our place to move to his new place in france Shagya-Araber stallion Basyl leaves Mühlen to move to France

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