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Shagya-Araber Basyl - cross country in Kreuth - Semptember 2006
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Besucher des Shagya-Arabers Basyl


to the athletic, well bred, approved

Shagya-Arab stallion Basyl

Even at such a young age Basyl is full of spirit. Above all Basyl convinces by his Shagya typical character. He has inheritated many commanding features from his sire, the black stallion  Bahadur and his  extraordinary, bay dam Thirza (performance prooved and awarded), as well as self-control and calmness and a good measure of intelligence.

Shagya-Arab stallion Basyl - eventing test championship Schleswig-Holstein Bad Segeberg, Sept 2005
Looking at his body you will be impressed by his fine skin and nice coat that shines copper-coulored. Basyl´s body shows good propotions with a well formed top-line and elegant, well developed neck.  He is firmly set on four  correct,  lean legs of strong bones and solid joints as he makes  well balanced, rythmic paces of real Arabic elegance and agility. Shagya-Hengst Basyl - shown in Alsfeld, Germany,  March 2005

breeding stallion

Basyl has a bay coat and was born at 23th April, 2000 at Shagya-stud farm  Mühlen in Germany by Bahadur (Herold x Bajgala by Ibn Galal ox)
from  Thirza (Sulayman x Thaya by Shagya XXXIX-11)

Basyl is approved for breeding by ZSAA and VZAP. The judges praised in particular his Arabian character and his jumping ability. They awarded him a score of «10» for free jumping.


Shagya-Arab Basyl free jumping March 2005

covering conditions

Basyl stands in Germany in Shagya-stud farm Mühlen near Kiel at Baltic sea. He covers healthy mares in natural service. We offer best conditions for your mare: open stables and well prepared pastures as well as professional care. Mares do need a cervix test. We need them without hoofshoes.

Frozen semen for usage in Europe and America available.


Measurements at time of stallion acceptance for breeding on 23th March, 2003: (in brackets at time of performance test 1rst Sept, 2005)

Height at withers (with a stick) 159 cm =  (162 cm) 15 hands 2½ inch (16 hands)
Height at withers (taped) 166 cm (170 cm) 16 hands ½ inch (16 hands 3 inch)
girth 186 cm (189 cm) 18 hands 1 inch (18 hands 2 inch)
cannon 20,5 cm (20,5 cm) 8 inch (8 inch)

Results of his characteristic features tests (31rst August, 2003 and 1rst September 2005 at stallions performance test)

1.Dynamic optical stimulation (« floating tape »): Absolutely insensible / Self-controlled
2. Static optical stimulation (Umbrella): Absolutely insensible / Self-controlled
3. Acoustic stimulation (Sonorous box): Absolutely insensible / Self-controlled

Basyl August 2003

On the following pages you are invited to get to know Basyl. You will find information about his Parents, his Owners, his Breeders and Trainers and about his youth. You will also find detailed information on his Pedigree, his coat colour and his measurements, and all the events he has entered and the related results.  The data will be updated periodically …

Basyl + Ben Badu - Februar 2003

Basyl's dam is one of the most successfull broadmares in Germany - over all races

Basyls dam Thirza passed a mares performance test when she was four years old, she was infoal with BASYL at that time and she won the test. In 2006 she passed stallions performance test with the incredible result of 8,22 being infoal by Shagil.  She also is very fertil - until now 100% of covering her became a living foal. Two of which are already performance tested successfully.

There is  national registry for all broadmares in Germany by FN keeping successfull mares of all races. They have for departments containing a few 100.000 mares. Thirza is already registered in 3 of these lists. There are only very few mares (less than 10) registered in every of those 4 departments. When a 3rd descendent of Thirza will pass his performance test, too,  she will reach that goal, get registered in the last of four registries and be one of the best broadmares of Germany over all races! And she mayl have reached this goal at the young age of 12 years!


Shagya-Araber broadmare Thirza - successfull passing stallions performance test being infoal by Shagil

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